• 'Say goodbye to ugly brick shaped soaps that are slippery to hold – and say hello to TETRA SOAP.'







  • TETRA SOAP successfully funded on KICKSTARTER on November 2017

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  • TETRA SOAP is a revolution design soap

    100% handmade by the Cold-Process Method.

    Soap – the humble, everyday product with a history dating back to 2800 BC – may have changed in ingredients, shapes and scents over the past 5000 years, but one feature that’s never been fixed? It’s slippery nature.


    TETRA SOAP is here to change that. Slow-made using a cold process production method, each handmade soap is individually cast in a unique Tetrapod-shaped mold which makes it 100% slip-free design.


  • All natural ingredients

    Simple formula for your skin, nothing less, nothing excess



    Lightly scented with a pleasing unisex scent, each TETRA SOAP is created using moisturizing high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil and organic citrus bioflavonoids – an antioxidant-packed powerhouse that protects and refines the skin. To preserve the goodness of the ingredients, each soap is cured for 30 days during a cold process method.


    Mild, natural and suitable for all skin types, the soap won’t strip your skin of needed natural oils or disrupt its pH balance.


  • The Evolves of Handmade Soap

    Two Formulas for All Skin type

    Concrete Grey

    Myrrh Formula

    Balanced formula, Lightly scented with a pleasing unisex scent that combines Myrrh, Tea Tree & Sandalwood Essential Oil

    Limestone Green ( New )

    Frankincense Formula

    Refreshing scent, made from extra moisture ingredients with Frankincense with Pelargonium, Litsea Cubeba & Rosemary Essential Oil

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  • SOAP Q&A

    When Soap was invented?

    The first concrete evidence we have of soap-like substance is dated around 2800 BC., the first soap makers were Babylonians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, as well as the ancient Greeks and Romans. All of them made soap by mixing fat, oils and salts.

    Why Soap is slippery?

    Soap is a product for cleaning made from Oil base material, when it meet water, it will dissolve and became slippery, plus the shape of the normal soap are streamed-line, it became hard to hold by hand. TETRA SOAP use its unique shape to solve the 5000-years problem.

    Why Cold-Process soap is better?

    Cold-Process Soap is known as the best quality soap among other soap making method, its natural ingredients are more skin friendly. The Extra Virgin Cold-Press Olive Oil base soap create a cream lather for deep moisturisation. Unlike other soap types, Cold Process Soap penetrate deep into the skin to help minimise dry itchy skin. Cold Process Soap has the ability to create incredible lather, you can feel the big difference among other soap. Most importantly its free of harmful chemicals like artificial flavours and preservatives.  


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